intoxirator  life tracker

intoxirator life tracker


How many times have you been out to dinner and couldn’t recall if you have tried a certain wine, beer, or mixed drink? The intoxirator device acts as a memory aid which provides a rating history for beer, wine, and mixed drinks. Tastes and preferences dictate recommendations as well as determine alcohol suggestions for consumption based off of Geolocation, rating, and consumption patterns. 


The main user types of intoxirator are male and female between the ages of 18-35. The age group is more susceptible to view drinking as a badge of honor. Therefore, the application keeps track of alcohol consumption for daily, weekly, yearly, etc. and aggregates the data over time in order for the system to identify trends and recommendations for the user based on their tastes and preferences. The service provides user recommendations as well as tracking the consumption of different types of beer, wine, and liquor. The library acts as a memory aid, which allows users to easily access and recall various consumption from the past.

Users simply point intoxirator at the bottle or Qrcode on the back of the baverage which enters the drink into the user’s consumption profile. Agile Qrcode technology allows the brewery, winery, or distillery to imprint primary information and the purveyor to be added as secondary information after infrared scanners imprint purveyor information to the Qrcode. Furthermore, Global Positioning System, GPS, is collect geographic information as well as Radio Frequency Identification, RFID, chips within beer, wine, and liquor bottles are a fail safe method to identify alcohl.

A Blood Alcohol Consumpion (BAC) calculator determins intoxication levels based on rate of consumption, Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of each beverage, body weight, and rate of consumption over time. Information is displayed on the intoxirator screen in real time.

Design Goals

The goals of the device were to allow the user to rank and re-rank beer, wine, and mixed drinks based on changing tastes and preferences. Netflix’s rating system was the basis of comparison, since the star rating provides the option to give an initial rating as well as rate and re-rate after initial scores were given. The objective of the team was to provide a device that keeps track of all tastes and preferences towards alcohol while calculating BAC for the casual drinker. Consumption begins hard to track across categories when individuals prefer one category to the other: beer, wine, or liqour. The User Interface design needed to be simple but enable the user to access a lot of historical information.

Design Constraints

On the go constraints meant that intoxirator had to be accessible by both casual and experienced drinkers. Research shows that creating a device that is business card dimensions, 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches with the maximum width of 1/12th inch, will be stored in an easy to carry and accessible facility, such as a wallet or coat pocket.




  • You take intoxirator out after arriving to the local bar.
  • You turn it on by touching the screen and consult your recent beer consumption.
  • How about a beer tonight?
  • I’ve never had this beer before. Lets add it to intoxirator!
  • The adaptive Qrcode scan adds the beer into the database and the RFID reader tells you more about the beer.
  • You consult intoxirator  to learn more about the beer: Style, ABV, IBU, Gravity, Brewery Information, suggeted drinking temperature, etc.
  • You decide you are going to turn it off and enjoy some conversation while letting it monitor your beer consumption. 
  • Look! It conveniently stows away perfectly into a wallet or pocket while the night continues.
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