Hi! My name is David and I am a Product and Service Designer.

I received my Master of Science in User Experience Design at Kent State University where I found my current passion researching and designing digital products and services. I live in Brooklyn, New York with my dog Olive. 




As a Lead Product Designer, I worked with teams of talented designers, engineers, and product managers to shape and build GrubHub's future products for responsive web and native apps. 


As an Experience Designer, I architected systems, interfaces, and scalable platforms across a wide variety of digital channels for Fortune 500 clients.


The thesis subject I chose was interactive televisions and Hive is the final product of a year long investigation in Gestural and 10-Foot User Interfaces. 

The objective I set out to achieve was not only to create a better overall television experience in a ubiquitous home computing environment, but to examine use patterns.



Apps like Clear and Rechner are a great deal of interest to me because they have fully embraced the use of gestural libraries. Phi is a gestural calculator I designed in an attempt to understand when to embrace the NUI input modality and when it's best to let it go.

Ultimately, I found that common gestures, such as tap and swipe, are best used in rhythmic microinteractions that are repeated over and over, whereas more complex gestures like pinch and spread can be used as operators or hidden functions. 


The bookPal is a lifestyle device that melds the digital and physical space in literacy through a live marker system that synchs digital documents, audio, and physical books. No longer will your spot be lost across materials. Reading in bed, the morning commute, and on the go are now synched together, so you are on the same page!


How many times have you been out to dinner and couldn’t recall if you have tried a certain wine, beer, or mixed drink? The intoxirator device acts as a memory aid which provides a rating history for beer, wine, and mixed drinks. 


Multi-platform messenger client that acts similarly to the last word in social networking product WUPHF from the acclaimed television series the Office. 

The idea behind the service isn't to bombard users with information overload, but rather provide OS agnostic points of contact served up through email, Android and iOS app, and web application.